Family Office Services for Professional Athletes

Because our history is rooted in sports, we understand what it means to navigate your Major League career.  The ability to handle anything that may come up during the season is our specialty.  From arranging temporary housing and movers to shipping your vehicle across the country, we are fully equipped to satisfy your needs.  When it comes to managing your day to day life, the Winpoint team will take care of the distractions so you can focus on your career.

Most of our clients are faced with the acquisition or sale of major assets at some point in their career.  We are here to guide them through that process from start to finish.

Real Estate Transactions

Our role in facilitating real estate transactions is very thorough.  We will handle the following:

  • Negotiating the sales price
  • Determining the best mortgage options
  • Coordinating the home inspection
  • Facilitating the closing process
  • Setting-up insurance and utilities

We are also closely involved in our client’s home construction and remodel projects to ensure the budget is adhered to and progress is being made.  We maintain thorough records should any issues arise.

Vehicle Purchases

When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, we handle:

  • Negotiating the sales price
  • Determining the proper financing method
  • Coordinating the loan process if applicable
  • Obtaining auto insurance coverage
  • Reviewing the purchase documents for accuracy
  • Shipping the vehicle to its final destination
  • Maintaining the registration on the vehicle

It is extremely important to have the appropriate property and casualty insurance in place to protect you and your family. We assist our clients with processing any claims that may arise and keep a close eye on your coverage to make sure updates are made as needed. In addition, we ensure that all jewelry and other valuables are added to your coverage.

Family Office Services for Major League Baseball Players

Our family office services are highly customizable depending on where you are in your career.  Some of the other services offered include:

  • Ongoing property management
  • Employee & contractor oversight
  • Documentation of personal loans & gifting

At Winpoint, we believe that financial security through sound management and disciplined investing will benefit you and your family—not just for right now, but for tomorrow as well. Together, we’ll pave the road towards a bright future for the next generation of you.

Ready to get started? Call us today to speak with a member of our team and discuss how we can help secure your financial freedom, long after your last game.

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