Investment Advisory for Professional Athletes

A major factor in achieving financial security and freedom is implementing an investment strategy that will allow your assets to safely grow throughout your life.  Our complete understanding of your financial situation allows us to craft a customized plan that if executed properly, will result in stability at retirement.

Whether you are conservative or aggressive, concerned with capital appreciation or income, we are fully equipped to satisfy your needs.

Our Investment Platform

Through our partnership with Geier Asset Management (GAM), a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we have access to a comprehensive investment platform and the services of their experienced team. Some beneficial characteristics of GAM include:

  • Open architecture platform provides access to entire investment universe
  • Oversight of portfolios by eight member investment committee
  • Access to a qualified team of CFP®’s, CPA’s, and PFS’
  • Fee-only service structure provides unbiased investment guidance

Our investment advisory service is governed by an eight-member committee that is responsible for analyzing the economic landscape and finding quality long-term investment opportunities for our clients.  This expertise led to the design of our diversified model portfolios that serve as the core of our offerings.  These proprietary portfolios consist of individual equities & bonds, mutual funds, and ETF’s.  The selection criterion is rigorous—consistent, year-over-year performance relative to market indices, outperformance relative to peers, and high risk-adjusted return are a just few.  Qualitative metrics such investment strategy, management tenure, breadth of analyst team, and overall corporate culture are also accounted for in our research.  The diversified models combine both active and passive investment techniques, providing you with a well-rounded, low-cost portfolio positioned for success.

Separate Account Managers

In addition, through GAM’s experience and developed relationships in the industry, access to exclusive separate account managers who specialize in a specific, unique strategies are available.  Some of the specific SMA strategies that we utilize for our clients include:

  • High-yield, short duration fixed income
  • Strategic municipal bond portfolios
  • Various hedge fund strategies –global macro, long/short equity, distressed credit, & multi-strategy

Private Equity

Lastly, private equity and venture capital opportunities are brought to us regularly.  We conduct a thorough analysis of their viability and quality of the opportunity to determine if it is suitable for you.  While these investments can provide an uncorrelated and outsized return, they present a substantial amount of risk.  Some of our sophisticated investors are willing to take on the additional risk for the opportunity for substantial returns while being part of a unique venture.

The combination of these offerings allows GAM to tailor a strategy and portfolio that is a perfect fit for you.  Investing can become overwhelming and complex, but if handled properly, will be paramount in crafting your financial future. Use our investment team, strategic portfolios, and expertise to proactively grow the wealth you’ve worked so hard to accumulate.

Investment Advisory for Professional Athletes

At Winpoint, we believe that financial security through sound management and disciplined investing will benefit you and your family—not just for right now, but for tomorrow as well. Together, we’ll pave the road towards a bright future for the next generation of you.

Ready to get started? Call us today to speak with a member of our team and discuss how we can help secure your financial freedom, long after your last game.

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