Tax Planning & Preparation for Professional Athletes

In our experience, we have found that tax filings are one of the most important pieces of an athlete’s financial picture. Unfortunately, they are also the most overlooked. We understand the year-long planning that is involved in filing a tax return once you become a baseball player. Our tax professionals (CPA’s) have been cited in numerous publications and spoken publicly on handling taxes for athletes.

Athletes must file a multi-state tax return due to income being earned in numerous states throughout the year.  The complexity of these returns makes year-round tax planning essential.  We understand the intricacies of the athlete tax return and seek to maximize tax-savings opportunities for our clients.  Unlike most traditional firms, we offer our athletes the following:

  • Duty Day calculations to track every state and city played during the tax season to allocate income appropriately and in the most tax-advantageous way
  • Calculating and coordinating payment of quarterly estimated taxes.
  • Tracking both personal and baseball expenses throughout the year to maximize tax deductions
  • Ongoing correspondence with various state taxing authorities and the IRS throughout the year
  • Audit representation and support

Our knowledge and experience in this industry allow us to simplify an otherwise intricate and time-consuming process. You’ll never have to gather tax documents, fill-out organizer, populate a return, or make a payment – we handle it all.

Financial Services from Winpoint for Major League Baseball Players

At Winpoint, we believe that financial security through sound management and disciplined investing will benefit you and your family—not just for right now, but for tomorrow as well. Together, we’ll pave the road towards a bright future for the next generation of you.

Ready to get started? Call us today to speak with a member of our team and discuss how we can help secure your financial freedom, long after your last inning.

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