A Note from Joe: Family First

  • By winpoint admin

    Welcome to Winpoint! It is with great pleasure that I introduce Winpoint, a division of Geier Financial Group dedicated solely to helping professional athletes with their financial needs.

    As one of seven children, I appreciate the strength of family and the benefit of their support. This appreciation has been the foundation of my business since we started with our first client back in 1990.

    I hadn’t been in business long when a young pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles, Jeff Ballard, contacted me for help. He was overwhelmed when it came to buying a house. He sought out the advice of someone he could trust. We steered Ballard through the home buying process, and not long after began handling his taxes, investments and other financial matters. Now, almost 25 years later, Jeff is still a client and long-time friend. To me, he’s family.

    Our personal approach and long-term commitment to clients is what I believe sets us apart from other financial management firms. We have a desire to develop deep relationships with our clients and a clear understanding of your needs, goals, and risk tolerance. We take care of you as we would our own family.

    We have grown tremendously since our first client, and as I take a minute to reflect on the past, I am confident in sharing that our philosophy hasn’t changed – “client first” and “whatever it takes” are words we still live by. The only thing that has changed is that with the formation of Winpoint, our team can focus solely on the needs of professional baseball players.

    In the spirit of honoring family, I should note that all families are different, each with their own challenges. Families of professional athletes are faced with their own unique set of challenges that we have come to understand.

    Professional sports is a very demanding, competitive and stressful industry. As an elite professional at the top of your game you need a premiere team you can trust to manage your finances. Our number one goal is to build financial freedom and security for your future, so you can focus on your family and your career on the field without any distractions. Bottom line, we understand baseball life, on and off the field.

    Winpoint was built from our unique combination of abilities: commitment to family and a firsthand insight into the careers and responsibilities of the professional athlete met with unrivaled experience in wealth management.

    So whether you are a valued client, or a ball player looking for financial services, we’re here for you not just as trusted advisors, but as an extension of your family dedicated to keeping you ahead of the game.

    – Joe Geier

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